Words, Music: S. Searle
Guitars, Bass, Drums: S. Searle; Vocals: D. Steele

It’s early hours and I’m still waiting
Gives me time to think

And better men than I have fallen
in their own filth and stink

I wish I had a chance untaken
But luck ain’t in the mix

It’s like I’m deaf and blind and helpless
Dear God I need to fix

Now burn me
Release me
And I’ll die alone
I’ll die alone

The sky is bleeding red and scorching
I have to shield my eyes

Out here I walk the earth like Judas
sent by roman spies

What heals a broken soul please tell me
I’ll buy it by the pound

I want to plead my case for mercy
But I can’t make a sound


I watch the earth swallowed by pride
Now I’m safe and warm inside