Words, Music: S. Searle

It seems too soon for a new day to come
And so absurd to try to struggle through a normal routine
Just let me lie here for a little while more
and hold tight to the slippery thread of a dream

Since you left, the world has lost all color and bloom
like flowers dying in a shuttered room
And everything is painted gray
It’s shapeless, formless, washed away
And this is me struggling on my own

And I can’t go back
I can’t go on
I can’t go on!

This is how the world ends
with a crack too deep to mend
The mountains crumbling down
and oceans bleeding over ground
We’re washed away,
and we’re swept away…

This is how the world ends

On that cold November dawn, you left with just a kiss
and you dragged my heart with you over the abyss
I can still hear the telephone ring and the awful news it would bring
It crackled down the wire and broke my life in two

How I wish I could turn back time
I would pull you close and hold you tight
And I’d never let you go
I’d never let go!

But I can’t hold on
I can’t hold on
I can’t hold on!